2 Low Kit

Written by Ivan on 19/07/2010. Posted in Kit and Equipment

I just discovered this inexpensive ($45) kit which enables me to select low ratio on the transfer box without selecting 4 wheel drive.  The ability to do this makes reversing in confined spaces so much easier as the load on the steering is greatly reduced. I highly recommend this for anybody that tows a trailer of any sort.

The kit consists of an illuminated electrical switch, a vacuum switch and some vacuum line.  Engaging 4 wheel drive low ratio is activated by moving a floor mounted lever forward from the 2 wheel drive position.  Engagement is achieved using vacuum to unlock 2 W D and lock 4 W D.  By turning on the switch prior to moving the lever 2 W D is prevented from unlocking and 4 W D is prevented from locking thus enabling low ratio in 2 W D.  Fitting took about 35 minutes most of which was taken up routing the electrical cable through the firewall.

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