27 days to go

Written by ralph on 04/04/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

Back hurts, fingers hurt, feet hurt and my legs ache but I did manage to progress the drivers side a bit more.

speaker hole After having to go out early to get some more plywood and another gas fitting it was quite late before I got started.Today it was all sawdust and rivets.

Back to the trial and error method of cutting the end pieces as I forgot to take ‘templates’ from the other side  :roll:

It seemed to take forever.

boot view Although I would have liked to have got further I had to content myself with getting all the wood cut and brackets made.The inner wall is just propped in pace in this photo.

Tomorrow is a family day and so there will be no progress.

However Monday I hope to get the internal carpeting done and the wall fixed properly.


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