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Written by ralph on 29/03/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

Today was spent feeling the wrath of Thor and grappling with a dancing gazebo!  Thunder, Lightening, rain and panic call to Belinda to help me retrieve the gazebo as it took off over the garage all meant I didn’t quite manage to get finished what I wanted to.

However I did make some progress and am feeling much better as one of my cunning plans came together rather well 🙂

bettens Firstly I fixed the carpet to the rear of the structure.As you will see I only fixed it to the rear 300mm or so as I had other plans for this area.

I then secured 45mm battens as shown in the photo.

The top and bottom ones were fitted with carpet and the vertical one was set at a specific distance from the rear edge.

pocket This allowed me to fit a second wall leaving a 45mm ‘pocket’ accessible from the rear.
table This was designed specifically to hold our camping table.This had always been a problem to store and this solution means that it simply slots into its own purpose built ‘holster’.

The table is shown here protruding slightly as I need to add a handle to it so that we can get it out easily when it is pushed fully home.

front view The next step was to add carpet to the second wall and the front edge.

Unfortunately it was at this  point that Hurricane Gazebo hit and I had to curtail my activities for the day as the entire contents of the sky decided to fall with the force of a small nuclear device 😥

Before securing this ‘wall’ permanently I do need to decide on the storage arrangement in the hatch.

This is because I will be unable to access the back of the hatch to secure anything once it is fixed.

As we have now changed our clocks I have gained an extra hour of daylight in the evenings.  Hopefully I will be able to progress this much faster now.

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