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Written by ralph on 15/08/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

So where have we been? You may ask.  Well last weekend we went to a local stately home to watch a music and firework concert.  Why is this relevant you may think?  Well we camped overnight which gave us the chance to test a few things.

IMG_2002Most things seemed to work well except we hit a big snag with the Really Useful Box drawer system.

Basically I hadn’t allowed for the flexibility of the box floor.  Once it was loaded the floor sagged badly and fouled he drawer below.

So today I spent a few hours fitting ‘spacers’ on top of the drawer runners so that each box sat slightly higher.  This gave more clearance between each drawer and stopped the bottom box fouling the carpet.

In addition I cut a floor ‘insert’ out of 6mm ply.  This stiffens the floor considerably, without loosing too much volume, and seems to have solved the problem.

Next weekend we are camping for 4 days as a ‘shake down’ trip before the big event.

Because of that the rest of today was quite fun as we spent a fair bit of time actually packing the kitchen and some of the food.  In addition we ‘made our bed’ in readiness for the weekend.

I also fitted some ‘oz poles’ to the roofrack to support our ‘Janet’ awning that runs from the top of the rooftent.  Fitting these no means that we can install the awning over the rear as well as the side of the tent.  I shall write more about this when I finally get around to writing the article on the tent itself.

We also did a bit of cleaning and general fettling to get things in shape.  Our ‘to do’ list seems to shrink and grow with one item being added for every two that we cross off.  However it is getting shorter.

With the recent news about bombings in Istanbul, civil unrest in Greece over the euro and migrant riots in Kos we were beginning to wonder if the trip would go ahead.  But we have now had confirmation, from Paul at One Life Adventures, that there shouldn’t be much impact on the planned trip and so it’s all systems go.

I shall keep you informed of further progress and hope to add a new ‘video tour’ to our youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Overland-rovers.

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