51 days to go and it’s all coming together

Written by ralph on 02/08/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

With a few snatched minutes during the week and excellent weather over the weekend I’ve managed significant progress.

IMG_1908 Firstly I made a ‘front wall’ for the upper shelf.  This will prevent any items from coming forward.
IMG_1911 Once carpeted it also provided an excellent location for a Mud Stuff long Defender net pocket.

The wall was secured in place by screwing through the shelf brackets.

The shelf was secured in place.


IMG_1913  Next I fitted and secured the drawer module.

This was screwed into the outside walls to hold it firmly in place.

The fridge drop slide was secured down and fridge fixed in place.

IMG_1917 From this angle you can see how the overhead net is perfect for storing the first aid kit and emergnecy triangles.

We may also locate the hi-viz waistcoats up here as well.

The fridge was plugged into the 12v and 240v systems and tested.

IMG_1914  Just as an initial test I also ‘loosely’ put all the spares into the bottom store area.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how much room there was in here.

It will easily hold all the spares, heavier tools (torque wrench, grease guns, etc.) and still have room to spare.

 IMG_1921 Today we had some errands to run and so we only had a few hours this afternoon.However Belinda gave the dash and rubbers mats a good clean and vacuumed out the entire car.

I fitted some awning rail to the roof tent

 IMG_1924 and added two dual USB charging points to the centre console.These will power the 2 iPhones, the iPad and the dash Gopro.

They are not wired in yet but I hope to get this sorted during the week.

During the evenings we shall start loading the car up as we are camping out next Saturday night.

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