59 days to go and little progress

Written by ralph on 26/07/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

Unfortunately a stomach bug has kept me indoors for the last 4 days losing 3 days work and, more importantly, a whole Saturday to progress the rebuild.  I felt much better today but the weather turned against me at lunchtime and so I had to retreat.

It didn’t stop me completely and so I was able to fit the Anderson plug to the compressor.I also added a rubber ‘boot’ and T handle.

Once the rain stops I shall give it a try.

IMG_1893 Before the rain drove me in I did manage to drill and fit two 8mm ‘repair washers’ around the bolt holes for the upper shelf.
This provided a better ‘locator’ for the slide bolts (it was quite tricky to see the holes) and will help to protect the hole edges from wear due to vibration. IMG_1897
IMG_1894 I also added three angled brackets to the front edge of the upper shelf.
This provides a strong ‘backstop’ for the bags loaded up there and prevents them from flying forward when braking hard.Eventually I intend to add a carpeted panel to these and put a wide storage net on the front. IMG_1900
IMG_1898 Once loaded the rear of the shelf is lifted up and latched into place providing secure storage for the chairs and awning bits.
The uppers shelf still needs to be secured properly and there is the front panel to make.

At least that will be the last ‘construction’ job.From then onwards it will be fitting out simple electrical bits and then packing  🙂  😀  🙂  😀


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