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A very short chapter

Written by ralph on 20/10/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

Our intention was to take a roundabout route back home vie several capital cities.  Namely Ljubljana, Budapest and Prague.  

Having sat down a studied the news it seemed that many of the border crossings and routes we wanted to take were heavily effected by the current Syrian refugee crisis. 

Feeling tired and not wishing to add any additional stress we have decided to err on the side of caution and head in the opposite direction. 

Having escaped from the lowest, stinkiest, hottest compartment in the ferry we, separately, made our way north and stopped at the municipal campsite in Bologna.  Feeling idle we decided to rent one of their chalets rather than camp. 

We had a superb meal with Karen and Nick and finally said goodbye to our fellow travellers; Geoff & Irene, Pat & John and Paul, our guide.  Ken had decide to head for San Marino, as he hadn’t slept well on the boat, and so we had said our goodbyes to him on board. 

We wish them all safe travels in the future. 

This morning we set off in that opposite direction, I mentioned earlier, with the aim of visiting Monte Carlo.   

So, here we are camped at Latte, on the Mediterranean coast. 

It’s not exactly rufty tufty overlanding, surrounded by plastic battlebus campervans, but we don’t feel we have anything to prove and it suits us. 

Tomorrow we shall pass through Monaco, then into France and hope to reach Lyon where we will look for somewhere to stop.  Depending on the weather, and our mood, it may be another campsite or it may be s hotel.  Only time will tell😀

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