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Written by ralph on 18/08/2017. Posted in Ralph's blog

Although I was confident, it is still quite nerve wracking to stand and watch someone poke, rattle, shake and generally crawl all over your car checking everything for the MoT.  The good news is that Matilda passed and has a shiny new MoT Certificate valid until 17th August 2018.  Lets just hope she has visited a few more exotic locations before it’s due again. 

Matilda mot-11She didn’t get off completely scot-free though with 5 advisories:

001 Brake Pad(s) wearing thin front (3.5.1g)

002 Anti-roll bar linkage has slight play in ball joint nearside front (2.4.G.2)

003 Steering damper slight oil seepage (2.2.C.1f)

004 Nearside Front (Swivel hub has slight leak)

005 Offside front (Swivel hub has slight leak)

As there is a spare set of brake pads and two tubes of ‘one-shot’ grease provided with the car I shall leave these minor fixes for the new owner.

After all how much fun would it be if I didn’t leave something to ‘fettle’ with  🙂  😉

The MoT station is only 2 miles from home so it was a short drive, but it immediately reminded us how comfortable Matilda is.  We both commented on this on the way back.  It is still more comfortable and has abetter driving position than our Ranger.

We will be sad to see it go.

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