Days until our next trip

Almost the end of our Asian adventure

Written by ralph on 22/10/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

The miserable weather gave us the motivation and the light traffic and clear roads (until the end) gave us the means.  So we decided to push on and catch our ferry, back to the UK, early. 

Things were going well until gridlock as Brussels, traffic meltdown at Antwerp and a multi car pile up on the Breda road. 

The satnav threw a wobbly during the most crucial phase (Rotterdam in the dark) but we still managed to make the boat with just 17 minutes to spare.  

Matilda performed faultlessly.  After mud, mountain trails, corrugations and being throne in a ditch she still managed to cruise most of the day at 75mph!

I’m now off to my bunk to try and remember how to drive on the correct side of the road. 

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