Arctic Circle 2013

Written by ralph on 04/06/2013. Posted in Trips and journeys

Well I’ve mentioned it enough so I thought I would add a short artcile to give you some details of our upcoming trip.  On June 14th we shall set off on a 5500 mile journey to visit the most northerly point of the European mainland accessible by road.  For those of you tha don’t know where that is, it happens to be Nordkapp in Norway.

We are, once again, entrusting our journey to Peter from Atlas Overland.

On the Friday evening we shall travel down to Dover and stay overnight at the Premier Inn.  On the Saturday we shall met up with the rest of the group including our good friends Karen and Nick and, at 12 o’clock the ferry will set sail taking us on our adventure.

Once we are over the channel we shall travel to a campsite in Belgium to spend our first night.  From there we will travel through The Netherlands to Germany then via a ferry to Denmark, across the Oresund Bridge to Sweden then across the border to Norway.  After visiting Nordkapp we shall briefly pass through Finland on our way back.

En route we shall visit Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, to name but a few and vist several museums and sites.  However the key atraction will be our time inside the Arctic Circle wher we will exerience 24 hours daylight and witness the Midnight Sun as it passes across the sky in the north.

We will be staying at campsites, chosen by Peter, throughout the trip.

Here is a rough idea of our route:

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 19.57.04

The trip will take 21 days and, as stated, cover approximatly 5500 miles.  

We aim to update the blog and facebook page as we go along and, if you register, you can track our progress here.

Based on our previous history we have entered the waypoints for all 4X4 garages, airports and hospitals.  Lets hope we don’t need to use them!!

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