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Written by ralph on 25/10/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

So, we’ve been home a few days and now that we’ve had a chance to catch up on some sleep, what’s the finally tally?

Miles: 4613.24
Furthest point from home: 1736 miles (as the crow flies)
Degrees of longitude: 31 degrees East (1/12 of the earth circumference)
Maximum altitude: 6401ft
Litres of fuel: Too many to count
Countries: 14
Continents: 2
New flags claimed: 9
Ferries: 7
Nights on a ferry: 5
Nights in a hotel: 6
Nights in a chalet: 1
Nights in a campsite: 6
Nights in a carpark: 1
Nights wildcamping: 11
Tyres: 1
Accidents: 1
Maintenance: 700ml water added to cooling system, 500ml fluid added to power steering.

Did we enjoy it?  On the whole yes.  Was it what we expected? No, not really.  We did not fully appreciate the aim of a ‘recce’ trip.  Regularly we would make a comment about things we were less than happy with only to receive the reply; “well it is a recce”.

This is why we split away from the group for several days.  We wanted to experience a bit more of the countries we passed through other than remote mountain tracks.

What were the high points?

  1. Istanbul was interesting but not as ‘exotic’ as I expected/hoped.
  2. The amazing surprise of the Alistratis Caves
  3. Finding our own Wild camp
  4. Watching the sunset over the Aegean from our rooftent
  5. Visiting Gallipoli and learning more about a bit of history I knew very little of and reading the names on the gravestones at the beach cemeteries.
  6. Meeting other travellers and sharing stories
  7. Matilda’s amazing performance; one day battling steep muddy tracks and the next cruising at 70+mph.

There were many more small moments and bigger events that all add together to create an overall positive experience.  Obviously the accident early in the trip clouded the early days and came as a real shock to both of us.  Luckily neither of us was hurt and Matilda was able to carry on.

It has helped us reconsider our future ‘overlanding’ and how Matilda fits into those plans (more on that later).

In the meantime, there is a pile of dirty washing that would shock a Chinese Laundry and a lot of bits and pieces scattered throughout the house needing to be put away.  So I’ll leave you with a picture from one of our favourite spots as we watched the sun set over the sea.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog.


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