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Written by ralph on February 20th, 2010. Posted in Ralph's blog

Days to go: 224

After a short break I have now started to progress work on the car.  Yesterday she sailed through the MoT with 3 advisories; a leak from the steering box seal (quelle surprise Undecided), worn brake pads (these were planned for replacement anyway) and a slight leak from the transmission oil pipes (these requires further investigation).

Today I committed, what to some would be seen as, the ultimate sin.  In order to fit the rooftent I had to remove the ‘railings’ around the roofrack.  The safety devices roofrack is no longer in production and is highly sought after secondhand (some change hands for nearly new prices).  To cut it would seem detrimental, but I removed the rail in such a way that it can be re-welded at a later date should the need arise.

I bought it as a factory second in 2002 and modified it to fit (it was designed for the series 2 disco).  It has done sterling service in the intervening years carrying numerous canoes, kayaks, bikes and other loads so I felt that it owed me nothing and after all it’s just a roofrack.

P2200019It does look a bit odd now that the rear section has been removed but this will not be so obvious when the tent is fitted.  Thinking about it now I should have removed the entire rail as this would have gained me some more space up front.  Still I shan’t  change it now.

I intend to chequer plate the front ‘lower deck’ and mount the wheel carrier from Alan’s rear door (he has acquired a swingaway carrier) on it so that the 2nd spare is bolted down rather than strapped.  I shall also mount a water proof box alongside the wheel to store my recovery equipment (keeping it on the outside is a good idea in case you are so stuck, you can’t open the doors).  At the moment I am considering one of these as it seems quite robust, will take a padlock and is watertight.

Tomorrow I hope to fit the fitting and get the rooftent mounted on the rack.P2200020

Weekend of playing

Written by ralph on February 10th, 2010. Posted in Ralph's blog

This weekend was spent playing in the mud on Salisbury Plain.

I decided not to take the Discovery and travelled with Alan in his 90 and Tom in his Disco instead.

We had a good weekend exploring the many byways which crisscross the Plain.  Unfortunately there was a military exercise ongoing so some areas were off limits.

There are some photos of the weekend here.

Busy, busy, busy……

Written by ralph on January 9th, 2010. Posted in Ralph's blog

It has been a hectic 36 hours due to the snow fall.

As well as acting as the coordinator for 4X4 Response providing emergency transport for hospital staff we have also been out in the snow ferrying people in the disco.

We have deployed 10 different vehicles over the last 3 days and transported over 20 key medical staff into hospital and back home.  Many of the roads were in a very poor state with some drivers going through 18″+ of ‘virgin’ snow.  At the same time vehicles have also been deployed across the county ferrying key staff on behalf of the Ambulance trust

The disco has performed well staring every time and running smoothly.  The ‘new’ engine has nearly completed 2000 miles without any problems.

Due to this activity I have not managed any progress on the car.

Morocco 2009

Written by ralph on January 1st, 2010. Posted in Trips and journeys

In March 2009 we set out on an organised tour of Morocco.  The trip turned into the worst few weeks of our lives as we encountered one mechanical (and electrical) problem after another.

Articles to come

Written by ralph on December 30th, 2009. Posted in Future plans

As a ‘teaser’Laughing here is an idea of the articles which I have underway or planned: