All legal for the new owner

Written by ralph on August 18th, 2017. Posted in Ralph's blog

Although I was confident, it is still quite nerve wracking to stand and watch someone poke, rattle, shake and generally crawl all over your car checking everything for the MoT.  The good news is that Matilda passed and has a shiny new MoT Certificate valid until 17th August 2018.  Lets just hope she has visited a few more exotic locations before it’s due again. 

Matilda is ‘officially’ for sale

Written by ralph on August 15th, 2017. Posted in Ralph's blog

Naturally the first thought that anyone will have is ‘how much?’.  However, before you scroll down to the bottom of the page to look at what figure I’ve come up with, take a look at the video (in case you haven’t already) to see just how well she has been thought out.  Scan through the list below of the estimated, and actual, cost of all the components, if you wanted to build a ‘clone’, and take into account the fact that all of this kit has been thoroughly ‘field tested’ and works well.

Also remember that if you wanted to head off on your own adventure all you need to add are a cooker, bed, chairs, tools and recovery equipment and you could set off for North Africa the very next day.

Matilda is going up for sale

Written by ralph on August 10th, 2017. Posted in Ralph's blog

Matilda-7This is a ‘heads up’ to everyone that follows this blog that the time has finally come to advertise Matilda.

I have put together a detailed video showing as much as I can.  Next week I shall add a post on here with all her details and what’s included in the sale.

There will be numerous spares and bits and bobs going with her.

We are keeping hold of the rooftent, but I have included a rear awning tent as well as a, virtually unused, TuffTrek Quick Erect Ground tent (similar to an Oztent) that only takes a few minutes to erect and put away.

I have tried to keep her as ‘expedition ready’ as possible.  All you will need to add is a cooker, some crockery, tools, recovery equipment and a bed and you would be good to go on an adventure.

Fancy Morocco in September/October?  Well it could well be your lucky year.

I am still considering the final asking price as she is incredibly difficult to assess the value of.  The base vehicle is a 22 year old Discovery, the shear number of add-ons amount to thousands if you wanted to buy them separately and fit them to another truck.  On top of that is the labour and thought that has gone into the design making this so capable, versatile, comfortable and convenient to use.  I am having to balance all this with the fact that I think she’s priceless, but there is a realistic limit that anyone would (or should) be prepared to pay for her.

With 1898 subscribers on youtube, hundreds of followers on facebook, over 50,000 views per year from over 130 countries, you would certainly be buying something well known.

If you are genuinely interested, please leave a message on the facebook page.  If you have a price in mind, drop me a PM via the page as it will help me to consolidate my thoughts.

Cheers for now.



Using every resource that I can!

Written by ralph on February 21st, 2016. Posted in Ralph's blog

For over six years I have run this website with the aim of informing, entertaining and inspiring others.  Now, for the first time, I would like to ask for something back.  Not for me, you understand, but for someone and something that has directly impacted on Belinda and I in a major way.  This post has nothing to do with Land Rovers or overland travel.  I make no apology for posting this here and, once you’ve read this, I hope you understand why.

Mini Matilda Update

Written by ralph on January 23rd, 2016. Posted in Ralph's blog

IMG_2190For those of you that have been wondering what’s happening to Matilda I can confirm that she has started on the road to her new owner.  Figuratively speaking anyway.

Before I put her up for sale I want to make sure that she is in good shape and anything that may need attention is clearly identified.

Because of this I have just dropped the car off at Hillcrest Vehicle Solutions, with  Jono, for a service and a thorough check over.  We will be busy over the next few weeks and so he will keep it for a while and I’ll report back once she’s back home.

Following that I shall give her a thorough clean out and post up full details along with a price for those that are interested.  This will probably be around early March time.

What’s happening with Matilda?

Written by ralph on December 12th, 2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

Since coming back from Asia Matilda has sat, rather forlornly, on the drive while Arbie has been getting all the attention.  A few people have shown interest and have asked what’s happening with her and so I thought I would put this article together to let everyone know what the plans are.