Written by Ivan on February 27th, 2010. Posted in Ivan's blog

More sun and great food but only one beer. Despite the language barrier I
managed to discover something called Tequila!! Yippee, Yareeebaaa,
Andelay and other Speedy Gonzales expressions. I love this place!!!


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I have just spent today stripped to the waist in glorious sunshine washing
and waxing the truck. It is now beer and BBQ time (where have you heard
that before?.

Tomorrow we head south to Yuma and then over the border into Mexico!!

Watch this space for more exciting news (yawn).

Portland to Arizona

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Got away from Portland by 14:30 and made it to Eugene OR by 16:30.
Stopped at a Motel 6 for the night and was in bed, sound asleep, by 21:00
after a good supper.
Left Eugene on Monday morning at 05:15 continuing South on I5. Weather
still superb with bright sun, no cloud and no wind and very light traffic.
Drove to Kalinga, just north of Bakersfield in California by 17:00 and
night stopped once again in a Motel 6. After a good Chinese takeaway we
were in bed and asleep by 20:00.
Left Kalinga at 04:15 continuing South on I5 to the outskirts of Los
Angeles before turning East onto I10 for San Bernadino and points East
arriving at Brenda Arizona by 13:00 where we are going to stay with our
friends Doug and Audrey for several days.
It is now 17:30 and I am on the outside of two beers standing by the BBQ
listening to the burgers sizzle.
More follows.


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I am currently sitting in the car park of a “Fabric Store” in Portland, Oregon which is the first opportunity that I have had to connect to the web. It is 14 degrees celsius and the sun is shining with a light breeze.

Day 1 was from Horsefly BC to Arlington WA a distance of 689 kilometres.  We left Horsefly in dry grey overcast at -2 celsius. Just North of Clinton on highway 97 the skies cleared to reveal bright sun. By the time we arrived in Arlington it was 15 degrees. After overnighting with Mark and Terry Harris we all attended the Dodge/Cummins Rally that they were hosting. About 35 trucks turned up and we had a ball carrying out all sorts of fixes and bombs. For the uninitiated B O M B stands for “Better OFF Modified Baby”.  Nobody who is anybody drives an unmodified truck.

The weather stayed great with warm sunshine all day, more like April than February. Greta weather, great people, great fun and a great BBQ.

We left Mark and Terry this morning in the same great weather for Portland OR (500 kilometres)where Liz is currently buying up half the huge fabric
store that she has long wanted to visit. It is currently 13:25 and I expect to leave here in the next couple of hours ( I hope??) to find a motel sufficiently far enough South on Interstate 5 (I5) to be clear of the morning rush traffic into Portland tomorrow (Monday)morning.

By tomorrow evening we should be well into Southern California if this great weather holds.

So far I have used under half of the VO in my rear tank foe a total distance of 1140 kilometres. My computer shows an average fuel consumption for the journey so far of 29.96 miles per gallon cruising at 65 mph on the Interstate. More follows!

Mexico Trip

Written by Ivan on February 12th, 2010. Posted in Ivan's blog

I will endeavour to produce a dily report of our journey starting with a Cummins Diesel Truck meeting that we will be attending in Washington State on Saturday 20th February.