Plodding on

Written by ralph on April 7th, 2010. Posted in Ralph's blog

Days to go : 178

I didn’t manage to update the blog at the weekend as things were a bit hectic.

Significant progress was made on the boot storage system, adding carpet, the fridge slide, remounting the dog guard and fixing the new gas bottle (the last one was confiscated in Spain by the transport company).  Once again I have updated the article with more details here.

I have also ordered a set of instruments from Auber Instruments in the states.  I intend to fit EGT, Water temp, oil temp and oil pressure indicators.  My plan is to fit these in the overhead map pocket.  I will document this in an article as and when I get around to it.

There is still a lot to do although most of it is fiddly stuff such as re-wiring the electrics to the rear, fitting the water bag and pump, adding tint to the rear windows and blanking off the boot side windows.

After all the mods I still need to carry out a full service, replace the brake pads and sort out a small leak on the transmission oil pipe.  I do intend to get the vehicle fully inspected before leaving and I was thinking of going to Footloose 4X4 as they seem to have a very good reputation and they are only a couple of hours away.

Good service

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Had a phonecall today from Simon at MPS to tell me that my Engel Fridge slide was being delivered and wanted permission to leave it with a neighbour as there was no one in (Belinda was at work).

I ordered it on Sunday evening and hope to trial fit it on Sunday or Monday as I am still away from home at work.

Overall I am impressed with their service.

Boxes & backache

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Days to go : 189

Today was spent mostly continuing the build of the rear storage system (article here).  Yesterday we bought 2 additional 50 litre boxes and two 64 litre boxes.  Although I know I won’t manage to fit everything in a sealed box, I do intend to have a good try.

I still have to fit the Engel fridge and figure out where to mount the gas bottle.  I also intend to carpet the surface to reduce noise.

More progress next week.

All change

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Days to go : 195

Yesterday I discovered that the aluminium water tank I aquired off ebay is not suitable as it fouls the back of the seats when they go back.  It fitted a discovery previously but I can only assume that the original disco seats have more clearance then the Range Rover seats I have fitted.

This led to a complete rethink and so we travelled to Norfolk Marine in Wroxham and bought a water pump and 100 litre wter bag.  This will fit in the rear footwell.

Although I have a good storage system in the boot I took it all out today and started building a full length replacement using all the space from the rear door to the back of the front seats.

I have started and article on the build here.  I hope to continue with it and show the bag and pump install  next weekend.


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Days to go : 196

After a bit of fiddling I finally refitted the original (LR) solenoid that I took out over a year ago.  After a good clean up with contact cleaner and a squirt of WD40 it was fitted and is working perfectly.

P3190018As I mentioned earlier the solenoid is in a really awkward position on the rear of the pump surrounded by pipework and bracketry.  It is impossible to use a socket or ring spanner and a normal open ended is too ‘fat’ and long to fit easily and swing sufficiently.  I don’t know what everyone else uses but I have modified a 24mm spanner which I find works perfectly.  I have attached a image here to show it.

I finally managed to get the awning to sit straight and level and have now completed an articles outlining how it is fitted here.

Tomorrow I hope to make some progress with the fresh water system.


From one extreme to another

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Days to go : 199

Last Sunday I started with a car that wouldn’t stop, and ended with one that doesn’t startYell

The fuel solenoid arrived during the week so I didn’t have any worries. 

I had lots of plans; fit the awning, remove the rear seats and trial fit the water tank as well as fit the new solenoid, which would be straight forward (yeah right!).

I started by fitting the newly modified front bracket and the awning.  I used anti-rattle washers and nylock nuts throughout to try and fight against the inevitable vibrations that tend to shake things loose.  Once tightened I cut off any spare thread sticking out to leave a tidy job.  I didn’t take any photos as I intended to write a complete article on the awning and I will add them all there.

Fitting the solenoid came next.  I have a specially modified spanner for the job as it is a real pig ot get to with and ordinary one.  It is a 24mm open ended spanner, cut in half and ground away around the head.  I will add a picture at the weekend when I recommence hostilities.  This allows me to grip and tighten the solenoid despite the engine ‘furniture’ which gets in the way.

Once fitted I hand pumped the lift pump to prime the system and fired her up…..or not as the case may be.

Endless pumping and purging left me with fuel in every line up to and past the injection pump but it still wouldn’t run.  I checked the 12v supply to the solenoid and even connected it directly to the battery.  My only conclusion is that the new valve is duff.  2 hours of faffing about to achieve nothing.  So next weekend I will try again.

I would like to go for a LR genuine parts solenoid instead of the aftermarket brands.  These cost £9-£20 unfortunately the genuine article is nearer to £100Surprised which is really hard to justify.  However at this rate (this is my 3rd solenoid in 5000 miles) it may be an option.

If I can resolve this fueling issue then I hope to start work on some of the internals such as the water tank next weekend.