Side hatches step by step

Written by ralph on February 22nd, 2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog, Vehicle modifications

The configuration I wanted for the new boot storage layout required side access.  I had planned, for many months, to replace the rear side windows with lift up hatches similar to those found on some Defenders.  This is a step by step guide as to how I did it.

Fitting Twin Turbos

Written by Ivan on July 24th, 2013. Posted in Vehicle modifications

To make life a little easier towing my 5th wheel on mountain roads I decided I neede a little more power so, a couple of months ago I fiited bigger injectors to my Cummins which are rated to give me an extra 110 horsepower.  To take advantage of this extra fuelling I knew I would need more air if I am going to keep the EGT’s in check so, I planned to fit a second turbo.  To facilitate this, the exhaust manifold has to be turned upside down and the oil filter needs to be moved from the stock location otherwise it will be extremely difficult to change once the second turbo is fitted below the first.  The top turbo is the modified factory HX35 while the lower on is a new, ported and tuned K31.

WVO Conversion

Written by Ivan on August 16th, 2009. Posted in Vehicle modifications

This vehicle has a 5.9 litre Cummins Turbo Diesel engine with 6 inline cylinders and 24 valves. The fuel injection system is electronically contolled and built by Bosch. These pictures document some of the many stages of the modification process required to enable the engine to run on Canola Oil which I collect from various pubs and resteraunts after it has been used to fry food.. The truck does a little over 29 miles to the gallon on this waste product.