2 Low Kit

Written by Ivan on July 19th, 2010. Posted in Kit and Equipment

I just discovered this inexpensive ($45) kit which enables me to select low ratio on the transfer box without selecting 4 wheel drive.  The ability to do this makes reversing in confined spaces so much easier as the load on the steering is greatly reduced. I highly recommend this for anybody that tows a trailer of any sort.

The kit consists of an illuminated electrical switch, a vacuum switch and some vacuum line.  Engaging 4 wheel drive low ratio is activated by moving a floor mounted lever forward from the 2 wheel drive position.  Engagement is achieved using vacuum to unlock 2 W D and lock 4 W D.  By turning on the switch prior to moving the lever 2 W D is prevented from unlocking and 4 W D is prevented from locking thus enabling low ratio in 2 W D.  Fitting took about 35 minutes most of which was taken up routing the electrical cable through the firewall.

Exterior and Interior additions

Written by Ivan on January 21st, 2010. Posted in Kit and Equipment

Custom rear bumper


Fibreglass Canopy, Wheel arch flares and wide alloy wheels with Toyo Open Country AT’s 295-75R16


EGT, Transmission Temp. Turbo Boost, Fuel Pressure, WVO Tank Contents, Fuel Temp. Gauges.


Scangauge II (rectangular gauge above primary gauges) linked to on board computer via the OBD II port for digital readout of Coolant temp. (for changeover to WVO), Horsepower being produced, Accurate dynamic average fuel consumption and Speed adjusted for the larger tyres.


The last two weeks have seen me complete the list of items that I felt needed to be done before we depart for sunnier climes to the South:-

  1. Engine oil and filter change.
  2. Rear differential oil change together with new axle seals, pinion bearings and pinion oil seal.
  3. Front differential oil change.
  4. Transmission oil and filter change with band tightening.
  5. New shock absorbers fitted all round.
  6. New disk pads and brake shoes.
  7. New adjustable track arm and bushings.
  8. DSS Steering Stabilizer fitted to steering arm extension.
  9. SSI 3 turn Steering Box fitted.
  10. New Power Steering pump fitted.
  11. New front Ball Joints and Wheel Bearings fitted.
  12. Amber Turn Signal Lamps fitted to rear bumper.
  13. 600 litres of Waste Canola Oil filtered & de-watered.  390 litres in the tank, the rest in disposable cubies.
  14. A comprehensive tool and spares kit has been boxed and loaded.

This picture was taken in Idaho after fitting the new front bumper.  While in Arizona I took advantage of the warm weather and gave the old gal a good waxing.


Today I fitted a pair of Bushwacker D225 progressive rate front springs which improved the ride tremendously.  Tomorrow I will be fitting heated, power adjustable towing mirrors.