Engine Change

Written by Ivan on September 16th, 2011. Posted in Repairs and ongoing maintenance

In response to customer complaints that the needle on the temperature gauge kept fluctuating when the thermostat opened and closed Dodge, in their infinite wisdom, moved the coolant sensor from the back to the front of the engine.  The rear (number 6) cylinder runs the hottest which can cause problems because the driver cannot detect an overheat condition on the gauge until it is too late.  Pulling my 5th wheel back from a trip to the US in hot conditions it happened to me.  Number 6 overheated, melted the piston and scored the bore.  The only evidence of this was a “knock” and a slight loss of power.  It speaks volumes for the Cummins engine that I was able to drive the rig home some 2 hours further.


Written by Ivan on September 4th, 2010. Posted in Repairs and ongoing maintenance

Heading East on the Trans Canada Highway on Thursday to visit friends we experienced a rather unusual problem.  I was towing the 5th Wheel on the level at around 90 kph when the prop. shaft parted company with the rear axle.  Fortunatly I was able to quickly slip the transmission into neutral and coast into a pull off within 50 yards.  The large nut inside the rear yoke that holds the pinion yoke onto the pinion spline had come loose and the shaft had slid off the pinion.

The friends we were enroute to visit came out in their truck to pull the 5th wheel back to their place about an hour away and my good friend Matt set off from Horsefly (3 1/2 hours away) in his Dodge with a flat deck trailer to carry us back home.