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Written by ralph on 16/10/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

Today was a ‘maintenance day’. 

We’re catching the ferry to Athens this evening so we can relax today.  

Yesterday morning the ferry boarding was an interesting experience (to say the least). 

We turned up at the port and were checked through immigration and customs.  It was only as we arrived at the boarding ramp of the vessel that the problems became apparent. 

There was clearly limited headroom and no way that any vehicle fitted with a rooftent was going to fit. 

I won’t go into all the details here but let’s just say that there was s lot of arm waving, shrugging of shoulders, intense discussion and numerous attempts with each car until a final solution was found. 

Geoff had to remove his rooftent, from his disco 2 (fortunately this was relatively straightforward) and Paul ended up with his rear bumper overhanging the ramp. 

Matilda was fitted in with, literally, an inch to spare. 

Eventually we set sail. 

The others didn’t fair so well. 

Going on a different ferry, only John was able to fit onboard, leaving Nick & Karen and Ken ‘stranded’ in Turkey. 

  Once we arrived in Kos we refitted Geoff’s rooftent, cleared customs and immigration and drove to a secluded restaurant where we were allowed to camp. 
The view from this little paradise spot was lovely and with the sound of the Aegean, once again, as our soundtrack we had a wonderful 4 hour lunch followed by a short rest then a 3 hour evening meal. 

This morning I went for a refreshing swim and then we did a bit of washing a tidying up. 

We are now ‘bracing’ ourselves for another lunch!

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