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Written by ralph on 14/12/2011. Posted in Kit and Equipment

Now some people would argue that my car is far from ‘understated’ but I have always aimed to keep her appearance fairly ‘clean’.  I am not a great lever of stickers on a car but for once I decided to make an exception.

Earlier this year (2011) we camped at the Billing Land Rover show with Alan and Morag and our good friends Karen and Nick.  We first met them on our trip to Tunisia and we shall all be travelling together again to Morocco in 2012.

I noticed that Nick’s 110 was sporting a nice set of flags, one for each country his car had been to.

I had long tried to think of a way to show how well travelled the disco was without covering it with stickers and this seemed like the obvious answer.  So I blatantly stole Nick’s idea and ordered a set as soon as I got home.



The stickers were bought from Stickersworld, an ebay shop based in Greece.The choice they have is truly staggering.  Not only doing flags but military crests, ensigns and all sorts of other stuff too in a variety of sizes.

They work out quite reasonable.

Nick had the ‘fluttering’ flags down the side of his hard top just behind the front doors.

I decided to go for the smaller versions of the same design and put them down the rear door quarterlights.

IMG_0160 The service from the company is excellent.You get 4 of each flag, 2 left handed and 2 right.

In addition they always throw in a few extra stickers including some normal versions of each flag and some country shields.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.  In fact I have already bought a Portugal and Gibralter flag in readiness for our next trip.

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