Day 0

Written by ralph on 14/06/2013. Posted in Ralph's blog

Mileage: 188

Location: Premier Inn, Dover East Ferry Terminal

And so we’re off to a, not very auspicious, start.  9 mile tailbacks at the QE2 bridge meant that we decided to take a detour into Bishop Stortford for a meal while we waited for it to clear.  After a very nice steak at Cafe Rouge in the high Street we set off again only to find that the M11 was blocked. 

Still, eventually it cleared and we finally arrived at our planned hotel at 22:40 almost exactly 6 hours after we set off.  Lets hope that’s all the bad luck out of the way. 

We shall have a leisurly breakfast in the morning as it is only a couple of miles to the ferry terminal and out boat doesn’t sail till midday. 

Hopefully tomorrow I shall be writing an update from a campsite in Belgium. 

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