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Disco Series 2 Cup holders

Written by ralph on 14/09/2009. Posted in Vehicle modifications

Although a bit expensive, £30+ p&p, we found these to be great

CupholdersI got them from here and they are a direct fit on the series 2 and series 1 (300Tdi model) centre console.  They come in beige and grey and because they are a genuine part they match the trim exactly.

They are far stronger than the ‘pop out’ holders and don’t get in the way of the heater controls.  The insert is removable allowing larger cups, bottles, mugs, sweety bags, etc. to be held.  we often put our mobile phones and all-sorts of bits in them.

On a long journey they also mean you can have 2 drinks on the go at any time by using the pop-outs as well.

They are fixed by two self-tapping screws, one through the top and one on the side near the base.  You don’t need to remove the console to fit it although you do need to ‘flex’ it a little bit.  All in all, they take about 15-30 minutes to fit.

A highly recommended accessorySmile.

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