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End of chapter one

Written by ralph on 18/10/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

So, where were we?  I remember, we were chilling out on Kos. 

Nick, Karen and Ken arrived later that morning and we continued to chill with gusto. 

Another three hour lunch was followed with a short drive to the port.  It was a sad sight to see numerous inflatable rafts in the harbour and many, many tents along the dock wall.  All a sign of the ongoing Syrian refugee problem. 

Eventually the ferry arrived and, what can only be described as, “every man for themselves” boarding took place.  trucks were coming off as passengers, cars and more trucks were boarding. Vehicles were crisscrossing each other.  In the middle of all this a Police van drove through it all, onto the boat, with his sirens and lights blazing, only to come off again a few minutes later.  Base real army trucks joined the fray but cutting across everybody. 

Eventually we all fought our way through the meley and parked up. 

The ferry was heaving with people and communist seats were at a premium.  Eventually Belinda and I sat in the fast food cafeteria and ate one of the most unremarkable meals of our lives. 

After a reasonable nights sleep we arrived at Pireus.  Paul asked if we fancied some fun and said “let’s have breakfast in Athens”.  Remarkably the tragic was kind to us as we found a secure car park only a short walk from the Acropolis.  Stopping at  a cafe for a bite and a coffee we then spent a lovely hour and a half wandering around the ruins. 

 After Athens we headed out and found a nice wild camping spot. 

I flashed up the Braai and Karen, Nick, Belimda and I enjoyed a mixed BBQ of octopus, crayfish, sausages, pork chops and various bits of vegetation. 

Two bottles of bubbly were opened, around the campfire, to celebrate Nick & Laten’s wedding anniversary and my birthday. 

This morning we set off again towards Patra, for our ferry to Italy.  We headed higher and higher on various mountain tracks and the cloud base was insuring any view. 

In the end we decided that we preferred to take the road route so we split away from the main group, again, and followed our own path to the ferry port via some spectacular scenery. 

As I type this we have boarded the boat and we are waiting for it to sail. 

Tomorrow, chapter two of this journey commences with our solo drive back through Europe. 

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