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Written by ralph on 29/05/2013. Posted in Vehicle modifications

It has taken me many months to get around to writing this article as the problems with the website have got in the way.  However I wanted to give some information on how I bought the new rooftent and how helpful the French supplier, Euro 4×4 Parts were in meeting my needs.

The Howling Moon tent had served us well but I grew a bit fed up with having to climb on top of the dirty road cover to compress the tent so that I could zip it up.  There were 2 peope on our Tunisia trip that had the ‘pop-up’ type.  Both Magiollina, one ‘wind up” and one gas assisted.

euro4x4 3D RVB angWe both decided that this was to be our next aquisition.  However there were many things about the Magiollinas that I didn’t like such as the colour and the fact that the windows would let rain in when open.  Enter ‘James Baroud’.  We first saw these on the ferry from Tunisa to France and I made a note of the name.  On the way home we bought and French 4×4 magazine and although we coud read a word of it I was able to gleen enough information to fuel an internet search.

The tent that we wanted was not available in the UK and so I set about finding a distributer in Europe that would send one to the UK.  My forst port of call was a company in Belgium (who shall remain nameless) that didn’t answer any of my emails.  Next was Euro 4X4 Parts in Ondres, France.  

Their International Sales Manager, Nick responded to my email enquiry promptly and provided a detailed quote.  

IMG 0409Interestingly, and happily, Nick made the connection ‘Ralph-Overland-Norfolk’ and a discussion started regarding a limited sponsorship arrangement between us.  Needless to say, as you can see from the logo on the front page, and the stickers on the car, I decided to accept.  However that does not prevent me from writing a completely unbiased view of the service I recieved from them.

Fortunatly I can report that it was excellent.  The Tent I wanted required a special order from the factory and a 6 week wait.  Nick told me a date and bang on time he contacted me to tell me that the tent was available.  A courier was arrange and the tent was dispatched.  Unfortunatly there was a problem with the UK end of the delivery as the case was reported as 125Kg.  Nick was on hand (on the phone) to liaise with the courier and delivery was sorted.

The tent arrived as planned and was exactly as ordered with a few extras thrown in, which was nice.  It is 

I was reluctant to add advertsing to the website and my vehicle but, if I was to go down that route, Euro 4×4 Parts are certainly a company that I feel comfortable promoting.  

As well as having a wide variety of parts and accessories for a range of 4X4s covering competitions and overlanding they have also sponsored several overland travellers who they promote on their website here.

They certainly seem like a company that is committed to their customers and 4X4s in general and, although they may not be able to match a UK based supplier on price for general parts they are certainly worth a visit to see what the can offer and if they have something different.  I certainly dont regret contacting them.

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