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Written by ralph on 01/04/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

With 30 days to go I have to grab every moment I can.  Tonight I managed 30 minutes to fit a few bits and tidy things up a bit.

speakersI had specifically left three holes in the front wall so that I could mount a few things.

The top hole was designed to take a three gang CBE panel which will house the switches for the water pump and interior lights, the water tank level gauge and fuses for the fridge, water pump, hatch power sockets and the led lights..

Beneath this is the 6 x 9 Vibe Black Air speaker and then finally below that is the BM-1 battery monitor that will show the charge or discharge current as well as the voltage of the auxiliary battery .

Only the speaker is wired in, at the moment, so I’m now looking forward to a four day weekend break when I can really make some more progress.

I just hope the weather holds out 🙂


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