Fitting Polybushes

Written by ralph on 16/07/2010. Posted in Repairs and ongoing maintenance

The bushes on the car were not in desperate need of replacement but I wanted eveything to be as good as it could be for Tunisia and so I decided to change them

Polybushes seem to get a mixed press on the forums with many people slating them and others in praise.  Based upon the comments of a few club members and friends I decided to fit them throughout.

rearpoly bush

Due the load on the roofrack I wanted to ‘stiffen’ the suspension as much as was comfortable to try and reduce body roll and improve the handling.  Therefore I choose to fit the red ‘performance’ polybushes.

I had read mixed reports about the different brands so I decided to stick with the market leader and went for genuine polybushes.

Once again we did this job at the 30th Signal Regiment L.A.D. at Bramcote and made use of their ramps and, more importantly, their press.

Robert and Mitch did one radius arm at a time to prevent the axles moving and some of the old bushes took over 10 tonnes of pressure to remove.

Alan tackled the rear anti-roll bar which had only recently been fitted and so was relatively easy.  I had forgotten to buy the front ARB kit, so I shall have to do this on the driveway.

The radius arms took a lot of effort to remove and needed a 30mm socket and a lot of brute force.

Once refitted these need to be torqued to 260 ft/lbs.

roll bar poly bush

The whole job took about 4 hours (including a lot of chatting, a bacon roll and several tea breaks) with Robert and Mitch of the REME doing most of the work.

I am now able to report on the overall effects.

The ride comfort is about the same as before but there is definitely a bit more suspension ‘noise’.  Ridges and potholes in the road result in louder thumps but overall it’s acceptable.

With regard to the body roll; I must admit, disappointingly, that I haven’t noticed that much difference.  I must admit it does feel more ‘planted’ when cornering and generally inspires more confidence on roundabouts etc.

I shall continue to monitor how they perform and update this article if necessary.


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