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Written by ralph on 24/04/2012. Posted in Kit and Equipment

We decided to ensure that we had sufficient supplies to ensure a breakfast and evening meal for every day that we were away.  The main reason for this was the potential difficulty in ensuring that Belinda had a gluten free option when buy from a foreign shop or eating in a restaurant.

This is the complete list that we packed, in two 50 litre ‘Really Useful Boxes’ (see here) , for a 21 day trip.

We selected packet meals that were ‘split’ into 3 categories; those to eat with rice, those to eat with pasta and those that would go with mashed potato.  This ensured a bit of variety each night.

We found that the packets did ‘lack substance’ a bit and we would have one packet each.  We also found that the ‘Look what we found‘ meals did have a very long shelf life (6+ months).  So much so that over 50% of what we packed for the failed trip to Morocco in March 2012 we will be taking with us in the October.

We did not rule out the possibility of eating locally when possible and we would supplement the list below with fresh bread (for me) and fresh fruit for breakfasts and lunches.

Where we have tried them and it’s applicable we have rated the taste out of 10.

Look What We Found Packet meals
Chunky Chilli Beef (8/10) 4
Beef & Pork Meatballs (6/10) 4
Pork & Chicken Pepperpot 2
Spicy Tomato & Chickpea Tagine (7/10) 4
West Highland Wild Venison Stew 2
Tees Valley Beef Bolognese 2
Yorkshire Dales Lamb Hotpot 2
Beef & Basil Meatballs 4
Tees Valley Beef Cilli Con Carne 4
Staffordshire Chicken Casserole 2
Beef Bolognese with Basil & Oregano 2
Sharwoods Packet meals
Sag aloo 1
Bombay potatoes 1
ASDA Packet Meals
Free From Chicken curry (8/10) 4
Free From Chilli Con Carne 2
Various Packets
Campbells Carton Soup Mediteranian Tomato 4
Smash potato 3 serving packets 6
Knorr Pot Noodle 2
COOP Peas & Carrots 400g 2
John west Tuna pate 1
John west salmon pate 2
Heinz Big Soup Beef Tomato & Onion 400g 2
Heinz Big Soup Beef & Vegetable 400g 2
Heinz baked beans 200g 3
Princes Corned Beef 340g 1
Princes Ham 400g 1
COOP Jersey Royal New Potatoes 540g 2


Bread products
DS Gluten Free Chiabata Rolls 4 pack 2
DS Brown Multigrain Gluten free Bread loaf 6
Mini poppadoms pack 1
Morrisons Free From Crackers 2
Nestle Cheerios 375g
Bacon 500g
Eggs 6
ASDA Gluten Free Sausages 8
Sauces & Spreads
Heinz Tomato Ketchup 570g
Heinz squeezy salad cream 295g
Coleman English Mustard 100g
Philadelphia spread cheese 1
Flora spread 500g 2
Eat Natural ‘chewey bars’ 8
McVities Chocolate Digestives 2
COOP Half Coated Triple Chocolate cookies 200g 1
COOP Free From Triple Chocolate Cookies 200g 1
Snack-a-jacks rice cakes 126g 2
2 finger KitKats 16 pack 1
Cadburies Fudge 5 pack 3
Pringles 2
Gluten Free Tortilla Chips pack 2
John west ‘Light Lunch’ 2
ASDA Garganega Pinot Grigio 2.25l 3
Bacardi Rum 1 litre 1
Budweiser 440ml 12
Pepsi Max 330ml can 56
ASDA Fruit Salad Double strength Squash 1.5l 1




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