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GPS Tracking system

Written by ralph on 01/05/2010. Posted in Kit and Equipment

I have often thought how I would react if I came home one evening and found the disco gone.  The amount of time and money that I have invested in the car is immense so it was item for some security.

A chance discussion with the purchaser of my old roof tent led to a deal being done for an sms gps tracking device.

For obvious reasons I am not going to go into detail but the unit is discretely installed in the vehicle completely out of view.  It constantly tracks the vehicle using GPS and send regular updates on its position which can be viewed on google maps:

TrackerprintscreenUsing a unique login and password an entire history of the vehicle movements can be seen with an amazing amount of detail, such as average mph etc.

The key function is the sms facility.  You can program a number of alerts e.g. unauthorised movement initiates an sms message and e mail to alert you.  You can then track the vehicle and alert the police.

The unit was fitted by Russell from Carrotech who has fitted several units to local 4x4s after one was recently stolen from a Suffolk Land Rover Club members.

Advantages of this over some other systems are:

Once you’ve bought the unit it is free to use i.e. no subscription,

It is independant of the ignition so even if the vehicle is hot wired or picked up with a crane the unit will send a message.

I will be testing it over the next few days and let you know how it works.

Initially I found a few issues which needed to be ironed out.

The unit can be set to provide several different alarms; ignition on, ignition off, power failure, gps signal loss, etc.  The most important one; vehicle movement did not seem to give and alert.  Whenever I turned the ignition on I was getting a SMS and email but moving the car didn’t activate the system.  A couple of email to Russell and a tweak of the ’tilt trembler’ switch thingy and all was well.

The car only has to move off the drive by a few feet and a message is sent immediately although the messages are always recieved on Belindas phone (Vodafone), I only get them intermitently (O2).  I will ask Russell to look into this with the operators.

The main thing is that we will get notification and be able to act, no matter where we are.  Once we get an alert, we can log on to the site, phone the police and tell them where the car is, which direction it’s travelling in and even how fast it’s going.

All in all a worthwhile upgrade.

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