Headlight upgrade

Written by ralph on 16/11/2014. Posted in Repairs and Maintenance, Vehicle modifications

Returning from and evening event, the other week, I had to drive though a few unlit country lanes after dark.  The disco’s light have never been brilliant but with years of accumulated grime they had become very poor.  With the LHD bean deflectors on, they were even worse.

I had read that the early Disco 2, TD5, headlights had a better beam pattern and were and improvement and so decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the headlights.

IMG_1048.JPG Here you can see the original lights.  What you can’t see is that the left hand light is actually half full of water!I only discovered this once I removed the lamp.
IMG_1049.JPG The first step is to ‘pop out’ the indicators.
15184146673_d9dc18e91b_h Th headlight is secured by a plastic ‘device’ which needs to be rotated.Once turned it aligns with the hole and the top of the light can be pushed out.
IMG_1056.JPG The bottom of the light is then simply pulled away from the locating ‘lugs’
IMG_1060.JPG As you can see the TD5 light is exactly the same and is a direct replacement.I paid £80 for the pair from eBay.

They came with all the appropriate plugs and connectors.

IMG_1066.JPG Once fitted you can see the slight difference.  The TD5 light is on the left and has a ‘blacked out’ area around the main reflector.
IMG_1069.JPG This is how they looked afterward.  I wasn’t too bothered by the appearance but they do modernise the front a bit.However, to be honest, I can’t see any difference in the reflector design but, at least, they are free of rust, clean on the inside and aren’t full of water 🙂


Now I d di entitle this article as headlight upgrade.  To be honest simply changing the reflectors isn’t much of an upgrade and I probably could have achieved a similar improvement by fitting two new TDi lights.  However, at the same time I also fitted a set of Osram ‘Night Breaker Unlimited’ halogen bulbs and a set of OSRAM W5W LEDriving Long Life 4000K Warm White sidelight bulbs.

Now this is what I call and upgrade.  The light output from these lamps is staggering.  They produce a nice white light and really light up the road.  I would suggest that they seem, at least, 3-4 times brighter and are definitely worth the slightly high price tag of £13 per set.  The side lights are designed to offer a similar colour output and, as they are LED, are much brighter and should last a very long time.  At £19 I would really hope so.

In summary, I can really recommend fitting the Osram Nightbreakers, but the TD5 reflectors are a matter of taste rather than performance.








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