Home made awning

Written by Alan on 19/09/2012. Posted in Vehicle modifications

To give us some shelter while cooking etc. My wife made an awning to go over the rear of the 90.

DSC00017 The material used was medium weight nylon tent material from Brian Park Camping. http://www.brianparkcamping.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4_13_15&products_id=511
We experimented with punched holes and eyelets for the poles and guys but found these tore the fabric easily. We found these tarp clips much better and more versatile. They could be positioned anywhere if you wanted to reposition the awning to say the side of the vehicle. DSC00026
DSC00021 The overall width was much wider than the rear of a Defender so this allowed us to use the over-hang to create small triangular drops to give added shelter. Again these were secured using tarp clips and bungees.
This shows the supporting pole system with another clip and bungee to keep the awning taught. DSC00022
DSC00023r Loops were sewn onto the awning to take the ridge pole and this in turn was supported by two upright poles and guy ropes. The poles are made by the manufactures of Oz Tents and can be bought separately.
The awning was attached to the rear roof bar by the same tarp clip and bungee arrangement. The elastic provides a degree of “give” in the event of strong winds to prevent damage. DSC00024

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