Indicator warning lights

Written by Alan on 19/06/2012. Posted in Vehicle modifications

On a number of occasions my indicators have not self cancelled after turning the steering wheel back. Because of where the warning light is and the fact that inside a Defender is not exactly the quietest of places, I have not noticed they are still on causing potential problems. I have tried using a buzzer but this just drives me mad while waiting at junctions to turn. I decided to fit two 12 volt LEDs to the upper edge of the dash so that they are more visible.

The way the indicators are wired in a Defender means that when a supply is provided to one side, the other is used as the earth (ground). Which basically means that the current is reversed when changing from one side to the other. Because LEDs can only pass current one way, I wired the two together by connecting the positive of one to the negative of the other and vise versa. Now whenever current is supplied to the combined connections, only one LED will illuminate depending on the direction.

The easiest place to pick up the supply is behind the 3 x switch panel just below and to the right of the steering wheel (right hand drive). This panel houses the hazard switch which has a 7 pin connector on the back. If you pull off the connector you can insert your two LED wires into the sockets marked in the diagram below. These are the sockets for the Green/red and the Green/white wires. Put the plug back on the switch and test the indicators. If they work the wrong way round simply swap the wires in the sockets. Put a piece of electrical tape around the connector for additional security and replace the switch panel. You now have some “In your face” warning lights. Being Ex-Navy and a nostalgic old salt I chose a red LED for Port and a green one for Starboard (I know, sad isn’t it?).


DSC00149rHazard warning switch

Please note this applies to a 1996 300TDi Defender 90. Wiring may be different for other models.

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