Land Rover History

Written by Alan on 30/12/2009. Posted in General

My Defender is the fourth Land Rover I have owned. In 1996 I bought a 88″ Series 3 for £650.

Along with many modifications I rebuilt it on a new galvanised chassis. It was finished in time for me to take it to Billing for the 50th Land Rover anniversary. When I went self employed I was sadly forced to sell it. It was not secure enough to keep my tools in and I couldn’t afford to run it as well as a van. But I was, of course by then, bitten by the bug.



Next came a G registered Normally aspirated diesel 90. The was an ex Wessex Water Authority vehicle and as you can see it came in a rather fetching two-tone blue. Compared to the Series 3 this was the height of comfort. It was to this vehicle that I first fitted the Veg oil kit but didn’t get much of a chance to test it. During a very snowy and icy journey back from a job one night I lost traction and rolled it on an “S” bend. The damage was too much to repair and it had to be scrapped.



I then bought my first Defender. It was a 1995 300Tdi 90. This had a cracking engine – went like stink- until……..I started to lose oil pressure. The light came on when idling and a gauge showed that there was something serious going on inside. It turned out that a camshaft bearing had moved sideways causing the oil pressure to collapse. The bill to fix it would be horrendous and would take too long. I needed a vehicle for work quickly. So… goodbye to No. 3  hello to No. 4.



I purchased my current vehicle in July 2007. This was also a Defender. A 1996 model this time and is the subject of this website.It has served me well so far with no major dramas. It took my wife and I to the Sahara and back in April 2009 and has covered over 30,000 miles in my ownership. 60% of those miles have been on vegetable oil. I use it most days for my work, carrying tools etc. It would be difficult to imagine life without a Land Rover now.


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