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Written by ralph on 11/10/2011. Posted in Repairs and ongoing maintenance

There were a few ‘bugs’ with the car since coming back from Tunisia which needed to be sorted out.  The Air Bag warning light came on on our way down through France and the ABS warning light stated flashing intermittently in the desert until it was on permanently.  In May I decided enough was enough.

A good friend from 4X4 Response, Jono, had just gone out on his own, setting up Waveney Land Rover & 4X4, in Harleston (which is only 40 minutes away).  So I booked the car in to have the little niggles sorted.  I also asked Jono to give the car a good dose of looking at with a view to the impending Morocco trip.  This was the list of jobs done:

  • Renew two door latches – Front passenger and rear drivers door locks were playing up.
  • Renew bonnet release cable – I had been using a pair of pliers for years since the handle broke
  • Renew both front brake pipes – Which turned out to be corroded
  • Welding to rear body mounts -spotted during inspection and the only problems found with the chassis
  • Renew rear exhaust – again spotted during the inspection, it was cracked and seriously dented
  • Renew air con pipe – this failed just before the Tunisia trip and was held together by plastic metal and solder until it failed in the desert
  • Diagnose and renew air bag rotary coupler – this turned out to be the problem showing the warning light and was replaced with a secondhand part from ebay.
  • Renew track rod (which turned out to be bent)and drag link endsand reset the steering – the steering wheel had been annoyingly off centre since the desert
  • Diagnose and renew abs sensor – which was why the light was on.

In addition I also asked him to do the following:

  • Carry out retro fit of defender brakes.  I knew that the front discs and calipers on a 110 were much bigger (30% more pad area) and a straight swap.  This is a very worthwhile upgrade using standard land rover parts.  I shall write a full article on this.
  • Renew all four wheel bearings.  This was just me being lazy and he had the front discs off anyway.
  • Renew auto box oil cooler.   This was in an attempt to improve the overheating problem we had on the way down through Tunisia.
  • Work on the fuel tanks to modify the breather system to prevent ‘air-locking’ when filling up with fuel.  I shall detail this in the fuel tank article.

Jono had the car for several weeks because it was easy that way while I worked away.

I picked the car up with a shiney new MoT, a straight steering wheel, no warning lights and very impressive brakes.

I shall be taking the car back in November to have the rear discs and pads replaced.  Once this is done I shall do a write up on the full brake upgrade.


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