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Matilda has a bright future

Written by ralph on 01/09/2017. Posted in Ralph's blog

I have no doubt that when the time comes to hand over Matilda’s keys to the new owner both Belinda and I will have a bit of a lump in our throats.

That time is now firmly on the horizon.  Today I have agreed to sell Matilda to Katrina.  A long term follower of our exploits on the blog, a keen traveller, Land Rover owner and someone who has big plans form Matilda’s future.

I always knew that there was plenty more room for country stickers on those hatches and if Katrina’s plans are fulfilled she could well fill it all.

The deal is not done just yet as there will be a comprehensive handover, and what better place and time than at the LRO Show in Peterborough later this month.  I’ll keep you informed. 🙂  😥


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