Matilda is ‘officially’ for sale

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Naturally the first thought that anyone will have is ‘how much?’.  However, before you scroll down to the bottom of the page to look at what figure I’ve come up with, take a look at the video (in case you haven’t already) to see just how well she has been thought out.  Scan through the list below of the estimated, and actual, cost of all the components, if you wanted to build a ‘clone’, and take into account the fact that all of this kit has been thoroughly ‘field tested’ and works well.

Also remember that if you wanted to head off on your own adventure all you need to add are a cooker, bed, chairs, tools and recovery equipment and you could set off for North Africa the very next day.


The basic facts:

Base vehicle: Land Rover Discovery
First Registered: 28th September 1994
Engine: 300Tdi 2495cc diesel
Gearbox: 4 speed Automatic
Mileage: 208,031 miles
Engine replaced : 171,984 miles (36,047 miles ago) new cam belt fitted at that time.
MoT: Booked in for retest on 18th August, so will have full 12 months.

The chassis is solid and rot free and was fully rustproofed in 2011 (about 25-30k ago).

As for the bodywork, you can’t ask a car to go through all that Matilda has done and come out unscathed.  If you have followed the blog you will know that she suffered a major ding in Greece.  This has been straightened, but it isn’t straight!  Hopefully the pictures show how it is now.  There are nicks, dings, scratches and other marks, but she is 23 years old and had been 1/12th the way around the world.  Saying all that, she still looks pretty damn good when she’s washed and cleaned up.

The tyres all have good tread (the spare is unused), but a few of them are starting to show their age with some minor cracks appearing.

The rear doors can be a bit temperamental, requiring a bit of a slam sometimes.  Other times they shut fine.  The central locking can take a couple of attempts to unlock them occasionally, however this does seem to improve with use.  The batteries died in the ‘plip’ remote handsets and I have never bothered to replace them, so if the new owner wants them to work they will need new batteries and possibly ‘re-pairing’.  However I can’t guarantee that they will work at all, but two are supplied (one is cracked, but still worked until the battery went).

To the best of my knowledge there is nothing mechanically or electrically wrong with her, but I cannot offer any guarantees.

She will come with a pile of receipts, old MoTs, service sheets, records of repairs etc. etc. The original handbook, two sets of keys and (strangely) a virtually full 5 litre tin of Tangiers Orange paint!  As I said in the video there will be quite a few bits and bobs included that aren’t on the list, that I will only remember when I find them and put them in the car.

The car is located near Great Yarmouth and you are welcome to ask me any questions via the facebook page or arrange to view her and take her for a test drive.


Wheels, suspension, brakes & drivetrain

 New cost  Source
Goodyear MTR 235/85 tyres with rear wing ‘camel cut’ to suit
Genuine Land Rover ‘XS’ deep dish alloys
Terrafirma 2″ Lift Heavy rate spings + 2″ extended shocks £234.00 Rimmer bros
Terrafirma 2″ Lift Medium rate spings £95.00 Rimmer bros
Polybush red ‘performance’ bushes on rdaius arms, torsion bars and rear anti roll bar. £150.00 lrparts
Terrafirma steering damper
Llama 4×4 extended stainless steel brake hoses £15.50
Rear anti-roll bar mounts lowered by 75mm

Protection & recovery

Famous Four Steering guard £100.00 estimate
Diff guards (front and rear) – unknown seller at Billing £50.00
Famous four HD winch bumper. £420.00
Famous Four jackable rock sliders £150.00 Average
Superwinch EPi 9000 winch with safety cut off key switch located under bonnet. £500.00 Estimate
Discoparts modified rear bumper mount to take a 2″ receiver hitch.  Existing disco standard bumper cut to fit.
2 roofrack mounted 38mm ‘waffle boards’ £62.00 Tracmats
Roofrack mounted ‘D’ handle short spade
‘Jackall’ high lift jack with mount on roofrack £60.00 JohnCraddocks

Engine & fuel system

Turner Engineering ‘gas flowed’ performance cylinder head £684.00 TurnerEngineering
EGR removed
Defender 110 exhaust down pipe (non cat)
Mantec 200 Tdi raised air intake (200 model used to allow twin batteries) with existing air box modified (using tumble dryer ducting) and (slightly) relocated.  ‘Mushroom’ cyclonic snorkel top from Matt Savage. £235.00 Paddocks
Twisted Performance enhanced (standard replacement) intercooler £250.00 Estimate
Allard full width (stage 2) intercooler £350.00 estimate
Safari Equip 120 litre replacement main fuel tank
Safari Equip 35 litre rear wing ‘fill through’ tank £360.00
Silicon air hose £85.00 Allisport

Lighting, electrical & communications

National Luna dual batterty monitor £60.00 APB
National Luna single batterty monitor £30.00 APB
Twin Numax CVX-V1000 (86Ah) batteries
Rear Numax CVX-27 (100Ah) battery £87.00 Tayna
CTEK 250S Dual charging system
CTEK 250S Smartpass charging system £189.00 Roadpro
CTEK MXS10 Mains battery charger £189.00 Halfords
240v Mains hook up with socket for fridge £129.00 Halfords
Denso 100A replacement alternator
X-Eng split charge system
Genuine LR Freelander fog lights (Safari 3000) mounted on front of roofrack controlled through hella relays and carling switch.
Genuine LR Freelander spot light (Safari 3000) mounted on front of roofrack controlled through hella relays and carling switch.
Hella (Camel Trophy) rear wo rklight mounted on rear of roofrack controlled through hella relays and carling switch.
Hella FF300 long distance driving lamps mounted on bull bar £60.00 ebay
Rear upper lights replaced with 200 Tdi standard items to give upper indicators and rear lights.
Thunderpole T-1000 channel CB radio + antenna £100.00 Thunderpole
Icom IC-2725 144/430 MHz Dual Band FM Transceiver £285.00 Estimate
Standard FM radio arial relocated from front wing to rear roof above door and replaced with flexible type.
Kenwood KDC-BT60U MP3 CD Ipod control player & Bluetooth handsfree phone system £200.00
Vibe black air 6×9, Vibe 5″ slick component door and ‘tweeter’ speakers £135.00 Halfords

Body & decals

Genuine LR ‘XS’ side moulding kit (bought 2nd hand via ebay)
Safety devices ‘Highlander’ roofrack (series 2 model shortened to fit) £500.00 Estimate
Existing roof rails removed
Replaced all window seals
Full respray in genuine LR Tangiers Orange (colour code LRC.761)
Bonnet black out sticker from 4X4 Graphics
LR Special Vehicle decals via ebay
Other LR decals via Rimmer Brothers
Sun, Rat, Fish, Bird decals
26 Country flag stickers via ebay
Unique bespoke rear side hatches  £300.00  Under estimate


Recaro Ergomed seats £1,000.00 2nd hand price
Discovery 2 cup holders £50.00 rimmerbros
Roof lining stripped and painted (Crown ‘sidewalk’ matt)
Modified overhead console to take CB and VHF/UHF radio
Rear door panel replaced with chequer plate with drop down shelf £50.00 Ebay
Fire extinguisher and maglight mounted on rear door £50.00
Complete rear boot storage system with 183 litres storage £300.00 Estimate
Window privacy shades £65.00
MSA 4×4 Fridge drop slide £710.00 BOAB


Hannibal ‘self supporting’ 2m awning & sides £662.00 Nene overland
Hannibal awning sides £486.00 Nene overland
Direct 4×4 rear awning £149.00 Direct 4×4
Direct 4×4 under awning tent £269.00 Direct 4×4
70 litre Fiamma water tank with pump and two taps £100.00 Estimate
Tuff Trek Quick Erect tent £425.00
Gelert dining/preparation table £60.00
Stainless steel wine goblets £10.00
Stainless steel mugs £10.00
Litchfield folding side table £13.00

Spares and repairs

4 off Hub bearing (RTC3429C) £12.00
4 off Tab washer (FTC3179) £1.00
2 off Thrust washer (FTC5241) £4.00
4 off Hub paper washer (571752)
1 off top water hose (ESR2298) £3.00
1 off bottom water hose (PCH119060) £13.00
1 off water pump (STC1086) £13.00
2 off Hub seal (FTC4785C) £6.00
2 off Sediment seal upper (AAU9903) £0.50
2 off Sediment seal lower (AAU9902) £1.00
2 off Hub lock nut (FRC8700) £10.00
2 off Air filter element (ESR1445) £10.00
2 off Oil filter cartridge (ERR3340) £5.00
3 off Fuel fliter cartridge (AEU2147) £5.00
1 off Fuel lift pump (ERR5057) £20.00
3 off refurbished fuel injectors
2 off UJ (RTC4587) £15.00
1 off Prop coupling rubber (TVF100010B) £13.00
1 off Transfer box seal (FTC4939G) £5.00
1 off rear brake pads set £12.00
1 off Rear brake pad retaining set (STC8574) £2.00
1 off Front brakebrake pad retaining set (STCxxxx) TO BUY
1 off Front brake pads set (STC9186AP) £12.00
1 off Gear oil EP90, 1 litre £5.00
1 off Antifreeze, 1 Litre £1.00
1 off Brake fluid, 500 ml £1.00
1 off Radweld, 250ml £2.00
1 off Drive belt, 1 off, (ERR3287P) 1 £7.00
1 off Auxilliary Drive belt, 1 off, (ERR2215) £5.00
2 off Lamp set 2 off, (headlights 1, indicator 1, brake/stop 2, interior 1, dash 1) £10.00
1 off Engine gasket set £100.00
1 off Thermostat £4.00
10 litres Halfords semi synthetic diesel engine oil £40.00
Automatic Transmission fluid £1.00
Windscreen Washer concentrate £1.00
Special fit and standard Fuses
Front windscreen wiper blades, 1 set
1 off Rear window wiper blade
Inline fuel filters
All sorts of other bits I can’t be bothered to list but will be useful
There will also be a few ‘modified’ or specific tools to help make life a bit easier

When you add up the ‘new’ and estimated cost of all the above it adds up to a whopping £11,473.00!  That’s what it would cost you to make a clone of Matilda.  Of course that doesn’t take into account the base vehicle, the labour cost and time as well as the design and convenience.

So, now to the crunch, how much is she worth?  Well the truth is, I still don’t know.  She’s worth what you, yes you the new owner, are prepared to pay for her.  To me she is priceless, but I have to be realistic and realise than whatever I get I will not think it’s enough!

We do have to start somewhere though.  A good friend, and Land Rover mechanic advised me that, as a starting point, I should add up all the extras, half the total and add that to the value of the base vehicle, which is around £1500.  That equates to £7236.50.  To make things simple I shall round this down to £7000 and use this as my starting point for negotiations.

You may think of a drastically different figure (I’m happy to accept more 🙂 ) and that’s fine.  If you genuinely interested then don’t be put off, just contact me an we can discuss things.  I shall keep things on facebook and the website for a few weeks.  If there is no genuine interest then I shall have to resort to ebay.  Please save me from that!

So there you are I’m starting negotiations at £7000.  

Now I shall stand back and try not to get trampled in the rush (yeah, I wish :roll: ).

Contact me here


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