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Written by ralph on 12/07/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

It has been many weeks since I updated you on progress with the boot storage build.  There has been a lot of progress and so I thought I would take the opportunity afforded by an enforced trip away from home to bring you up to date.

So where do I start?

 IMG_1828 Let’s start with the hatches:

I created a wooden cover for the battery so that any stored items didn’t accidentally short out the terminals.

Although it’s not shown here I also ran the water pipe to the tap.  This has yet to be secured in properly although the water system has been completed, filled and tested (more on that later).

The auxilliary electrical syatem has been completed with the exception of the ‘front to back’ change over switch and reconnecting the rooflights.

 IMG_1846 The hatch lights were wired up and run through a 5 amp fuse and seperate isolation switch mounted on the CBE panel (see below).

In addition I have added a 12v socket in each hatch as well as a 50A Anderson connector.

I will fit a corresponding plug onto the air compressor and this will allow be to pump the tyres up without having to pop the bonnet each time.

You can also see the gas ‘quick connect’ showning here.  This is on the end of a ‘pre-plumbed’ hose which runs across the car to the other hatch.

Putting this in means we can connect the cooker at the rear or into either hatch with minimum fuss.

Sometime on our Arctic and Iceland trips, we found that there was insufficient shelter on the rear door and we had to cook by the side of the vehicle.

 IMG_1850 Here you can see the sockets fitted to the other hatch.

Originally I had a net pocket mounted here but have decided that this is a better use of the space.

 IMG_1851 The gas regulator is fitted with a short length of hose and a female ‘quick connect’.

This allows me to simply ‘spin’ the regulator when I want to change gas bottles.

It also mean that I have a connection point in this hatch.

As mentioned above the hose with the blue tape runs across the car to the other hatch.

This can be swapped in a matter of seconds if we want to use the cooker by the side of the car.

 IMG_1854 The other hose runs down, inside the hatch, and supplies the connection point in the boot.

This allows simple connection of the cooker on the rear door.

In this instance I have fitted a surface mounted connector.

This removes any possibility of catching the trailing hose in the rear door and damaging the connector (exactly what happened at the very beginning of or Sahara trip!)

IMG_1785 The water tank was drilled to accept the level guage sensor, outlet pipe, filler pipe and breather.
 IMG_1830 The water filler pipe and air breather where fixed (jubilee clip not shown on here) and the pump plumbed in.

The pump is fed, via a 10A fuse, from a switch on the CBE panel.

 IMG_1842 Apart from running a water hose to the new tap in left hand hatch it also runs across the car to supply the original tap on the rear door.Once inside the other hatch I added an additional ‘T’ to provide a supply to the shower head.This is currently mounted as you can see it here.

However I want to see if the new first aid kit wil mount in this position and so the shower may relocated onto the panel which forms the back of the drawer unit.

 IMG_1835  The front ‘module’ was carpeted on the outside and bolted down using M8 bolts through the floor.  These were also sealed with silicon to prevent any water ingress.It was also screwed into the side hatch walls for additional security in case of a roll.The ‘lids’ which form the top had to be reconfigured because I wanted to mount a luggage tie-down system.

You can see the rear rail, of the unwin cargo track, running across the car.

I will add some pictures of the front arrangement once I am back home at the weekend.

The ‘lids’ for the other side have been cut and carpetted but I still need to fit the bracketry for the dzus fasteners so that I can access the storgae space easily.

In this picture you can also see the 240v socket that will power the fridge when we have a mains hook-up.  The 240v cicuit is now complete and the ctek charger will provide a top-up current, to all the batteries, once we’re plugged in.

 IMG_1833 Here you can see the view from the rear door.Eventually I shall cut and carpet a board to fit onto the floor.

This will be fitted when the drawer unit is not in place to give me a load space when not on expedition.

 IMG_1865 Finally, here is the CBE panel that I refered to earlier.The fuses protect: 1 – the water pump, 2 – the interiour hatch lights, 3 – 12v sockets, 4 – Fridge socket (yet to be installed).One switch isolates the hatch lights, so that I don’t accidentally leave them on, and the other operates the water pump.

At the bottom is the level guage for the water tank.

I can now see light at the end of the tunnel and, with just few more bits and peices to do, can see this being finished and ready to pack very soon.I still have to make and fix the roof shelf, fit the fridge 12v lug and secure down the front ‘module’ lids.  I also want to carpet inside the storage area to deaden any noise.

Because things never run smoothly, Matilda has developed a slight problem with the rear door latches.  So they may well be some modifications made to the door cards which may include additional storage.

As always I shall aim to keep you informed.

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