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Written by ralph on 14/10/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

This morning was a leisurely affair as we tidied up a few things in the car. 

I took a remarkably good shower in the run down facilities and we refreshed all the drinking water in the tank as it had developed an funny taste. 

We had specifically chosen our camp so that we were close to Ephesus. 

This is a massive Roman city which is slowly being restored.   Once you are though the tat stalls and places selling “Genuine fake watches” (€20 for a gold Rolex anyone?) the site is truly impressive. 

We spent a few hours meandering through the ruins trying to avoid the tour groups and selfie sticks.  It was well worth a visit. 

Following this we set off for the 3 hour drive to Bodrum to meet up with the rest of the group. 

As I write this we are sitting on the waterfront waiting to hear where our hotel or other meeting point will be.   We waved as the others drove through the town a while ago. 

I shall update this once we know where we have ended up. 

We were, eventually, reunited around 8 o’clock.  It had taken a while to sort out the ferry details and find a hotel.  The original one was chit for refurbishment. 

We all enjoyed a rather disjointed meal, prepared by staff that thought their season was over until 6 4x4s and 9 people turned up!

Tomorrow we need to be at the ferry port at eight so it will be an early start. 

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