Overlanding in a Defender 90- Part 2

Written by Alan on 17/06/2012. Posted in Vehicle modifications

Our cooking setup is a “Mobile Storage Systems” rear door mounted gas cooker housing. I purchased this from Ebay for less than half the full price and it came complete with a twin burner cooker that had hardly been used. I removed the rear window wiper motor as this would no longer be needed (I intend to fix a board to the rear window to mount things on). This allowed the cooker housing to fit closer to the door and give more room when cooking. If you don’t want to remove your rear wiper you can get an adaptor plate from M.S.S. to fit over the motor.


I fitted a quick release connector in the gas hose and strapped the gas bottle just inside on the right. This was mounted on a custom made plywood shelf above a spare bottle.

I did not want to fit one of the big 30-40 ltr Engle/National Luna/ARB type fridges for two reasons. 1. They are horrendously expensive and 2. There just isn’t room in a Ninety. So another Ebay bargain was a 14 Ltr Waeco cooler. This is just big enough to hold milk, bacon, butter and of course tins of beer. The perfomance is very good – we were able to achieve 5 – 10 degrees when the outside temp hit 30. It is capable of running on 12vdc and 230vac. I fitted a 12v outlet to the LH rear light cover just inside the rear door to run the fridge. The 14 Ltr size was also just right to be able to reach in from the side locker door for access as well as the rear door. Two brackets, one on the wheel arch and one on the side rail along with a quick release strap, held the fridge in place.

Cooker openDSC00024r


Water was taken care of by using a 20 Ltr ex military water jerry can. I had been given a submersable pump by Ralph but this was too big to go through the neck. I cut a suitable hole in the top, dropped the pump inside and fitted a stainless steel plate (passing the hose and cable through water-tight glands) with mastic and self tapping screws. I fitted a 12v plug to the cable and this connects to a 12v socket in a box mounted nearby with a momentary switch. The hose is long enough to reach out through the side locker door or to the cooking area for filling pans/kettle etc at the touch of a button. The container can be filled in situ with a hose or disconnected and removed for filling at a remote tap.Water side DSC00021r



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