This is your daily blog to tell you that there will be no daily blog today 

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This is where we’re camped:

We have just had the most fantastic 3 hour lunch of Greek salad, local caught prawns and some amazing chips. 

To be honest, after a few drinks, much laughter and conversation, sitting here at 4 o’clock in 24 degree sunshine with the sound of the Aegean gently lapping the shore a few yards away, a blog post is the furthest thing from my mind. 

So the story of the chaos at the ferry and how two of our group are still stuck in Turkey will have to wait till tomorrow.  I feel a snooze coming on…….,,,,

Of Romans and other things

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This morning was a leisurely affair as we tidied up a few things in the car. 

I took a remarkably good shower in the run down facilities and we refreshed all the drinking water in the tank as it had developed an funny taste. 

We had specifically chosen our camp so that we were close to Ephesus. 

This is a massive Roman city which is slowly being restored.   Once you are though the tat stalls and places selling “Genuine fake watches” (€20 for a gold Rolex anyone?) the site is truly impressive. 

We spent a few hours meandering through the ruins trying to avoid the tour groups and selfie sticks.  It was well worth a visit. 

Following this we set off for the 3 hour drive to Bodrum to meet up with the rest of the group. 

As I write this we are sitting on the waterfront waiting to hear where our hotel or other meeting point will be.   We waved as the others drove through the town a while ago. 

I shall update this once we know where we have ended up. 

We were, eventually, reunited around 8 o’clock.  It had taken a while to sort out the ferry details and find a hotel.  The original one was chit for refurbishment. 

We all enjoyed a rather disjointed meal, prepared by staff that thought their season was over until 6 4x4s and 9 people turned up!

Tomorrow we need to be at the ferry port at eight so it will be an early start. 

Hello Greece and Europe (again)

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The view from our bedroom this morning

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Our last camp in Turkey. 

Tomorrow morning we catch the ferry from Bodrum to Kos and say farewell to Asia. 

Bye bye Turkey and Asia

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From a salt mountain to the sea

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We were late leaving this morning.  Last night we got into conversation with Benta and Martin, a lovely couple who had driven their Mercedes camper overland from Denmark.   They had travelled via Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece to end up sharing the same campsite as us.

We sat drinking Croatian beer and swapping travel stories far later than our normal bed time. 

They were hoping to catch a ferry back to Greece and then to Italy.  They were then spending several weeks in Italy visiting Rome and returning home in November. 

If you are reading this, Benta and Martin, we wish you a safe and enjoyable journey and thank you again for the beer and good company. 

Once we got underway we visited the Roman ruins above the Salt terraces. 

  We then set off towards Affrodisia.  We took the high mountain route which involved tackling some serious inclines and a track or two. 

Unfortunately every up has a down and whilst coming down the other side we suffered a complete loss of braking.  Being an automatic, Matilda has very little (i.e. none) engine braking.   However after a suitable application of cheese and biscuits and a lunch stop all was restored. 

This did mean that we had to make a choice.  If we visited Aphrodisia we would be late arriving at our intended camping spot. 

In the end we decided to give it a miss as we plan to spend tomorrow morning at Ephesus. One of the best preserved Roman sites around. 

So, here we are:

Camped on the beach watching the sun set over Aegean looking forward to another eventful day.