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This site is all about sharing information as such if we use a supplier that gives good service, find a decent place to stay or have found another site full of usefull and interesting ideas (which we may have pinched or adaptedEmbarassed) we will post a link here.


Safety devices roofrack mods

Written by ralph on August 4th, 2009. Posted in Vehicle modifications

I have always liked the look and style of the Safety Devices ‘Highlander’ roofrack.  It was the only one which I felt suited the lines of the discovery and looked good.  Unfortunately they were horrendously expensive.

Rear door table

Written by ralph on August 6th, 2009. Posted in Vehicle modifications

For our trip to Morocco I decided that we needed an organised kitchen.  After much ‘googling’ and keeping my eyes open for ideas at Billing and Peterborough, I decided to make a drop down shelf for the rear door.

Fitting Range Rover seats in a discovery

Written by ralph on August 3rd, 2009. Posted in Vehicle modifications

I always found the discovery seats disappointing.  Although my car was an ES it was originally bought by an animal rights lover who specified cloth, rather than leather seats (presumably they forgot about the leather steering wheelLaughing).

I had heard that it was possible to fit the seats from a Range Rover.  However the seat runners are a different ‘pitch’ so this is how I adapted the car to take the new seats.

5th Wheel

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