Portland to Arizona

Written by Ivan on 24/02/2010. Posted in Ivan's blog

Got away from Portland by 14:30 and made it to Eugene OR by 16:30.
Stopped at a Motel 6 for the night and was in bed, sound asleep, by 21:00
after a good supper.
Left Eugene on Monday morning at 05:15 continuing South on I5. Weather
still superb with bright sun, no cloud and no wind and very light traffic.
Drove to Kalinga, just north of Bakersfield in California by 17:00 and
night stopped once again in a Motel 6. After a good Chinese takeaway we
were in bed and asleep by 20:00.
Left Kalinga at 04:15 continuing South on I5 to the outskirts of Los
Angeles before turning East onto I10 for San Bernadino and points East
arriving at Brenda Arizona by 13:00 where we are going to stay with our
friends Doug and Audrey for several days.
It is now 17:30 and I am on the outside of two beers standing by the BBQ
listening to the burgers sizzle.
More follows.

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