Post Tunisia, Pre Morocco to-do list

Written by ralph on 10/02/2011. Posted in Future plans

Although the car and internal setup worked well in Tunisia there were several things which we felt could have worked better and a few creaks, groans, cracks and warning lights which need to be addressed before Morocco.

This is a list of the bits I need to fix, modify, build or buy:

  1. Fix Airbag light (Complete)
  2. Fix front passenger and rear drivers side door locks (springs gone) (Complete)
  3. Fix and extend fuel tank breather pipes (Complete)
  4. Possibly drop and steam clean fuel tanks (Not needed)
  5. Clean sedimenter and replace seals (Complete)
  6. Flush fuel lines with biocide (Complete)
  7. Replace all wheel bearings (Complete)
  8. 52mm 3/4 drive socket for wheel hubs (now aquired for Christmas thanks to Amanda & Tom)
  9. Garmin Morocco map on sd card (Aquired)
  10. Garmin City Navigator NT Europe Map on DVD (now aquired)
  11. Larger screen Sat Nav capable of displaying Open Steet Maps of Morocco (Garmin Streetpilot 7200) (Aquired)
  12. Replace auxilliary battery as it seems to have died over the winter (Complete)
  13. Cooker toast stand – although we may have found a newer lightweight, compact two burner cooker with a grill instead. (new cooker aquired)
  14. Folding washing bowl(s).  Good for washing up and carrying laundry.  Instead of fixed one which had to be emptied of stuff every time we wanted to use it. (Now aquired)
  15. Fix ABS light (Complete)
  16. Upgrade front brakes with discs, calipers and pads from 110 (Complete)
  17. Fix airconditioning – replace return pipe (Complete)
  18. Replace tab washers and gaskets for wheel bearings (used on Tunisia trip) (Aquired)
  19. Change kitchen storage to make it easier to access items without moving 10 things first.  This will probably be a build project. (Complete)
  20. Remove dog guard as part of kitchen rebuild. (Complete)
  21. Redesign upper storage shelf as part of 4&5 (Complete)
  22. Fit new water tap onto rear door and reroute water pipe into door cavity. (Complete)
  23. Arrange storage for loose bits/wardrobes.  We will probably reduce clothes stroage from 64 litres to 42 litres each.  This will give a large ‘cubby box’ in the centre of the ‘parcel shelf’.  This will help cut down on the general bits we had ‘floating about’ in the car. (Complete)
  24. ARB tyre deflator (Aquired)
  25. Replace/clean and relocated auto transmission oil cooler. (Complete)
  26. Better tables.  although the size was right, the clips holding the top to the legs were not man enough and progressivly broke. (Aquired)
  27. Add sun shade to dashboard battery monitors (now replaced with a National Luna Battery Monitor)
  28. Replace winch wire with plasma rope.  I recently used the winch to pull out a tree stump and noticed that the wire had become kinked badly. (Completed with Marlow Rope and Superwinch Aluminium Fairlead)
  29. Better salt and pepper shakers.  we lost most of it in the bottom of the boxes! (Aquired)
  30. Reorganise spares and awning storage.  Boxes were in the wrong order.  Spares need to be behind tools. (Complete)
  31. Waxoyl and underseal cavities and chassis (Competed by Rustmaster)
  32. Fit some king of “pull down” webbing system on the rooftent to help with stowing it way. (Complete)
  33. Morocco Overland book  Morocco Overland(Chris Scott) ( £15.99 (Aquired for Christmas)
  34. Sort out the ‘charging’ anomoly with the solar panels (seems to have been a battery problem.  Two new batteries installed)
  35. Torque wrench (now in toolbox)
  36. Replace front ARB bushes with polybushes (Complete)
  37. Replace rear anti roll bar drop links (rubber perished) (Complete)
  38. Replace rear brake discs (Complete)
  39. Fabricate and secure ‘support’ brackets for side of front bumper to make it sit level (Complete)
  40. Fix offside rear door central locking solenoid (booked into Waveney 4X4 3rd January)
  41. Carry out full service (Complete)
  42. Maxtrax sand ladders – excellent for deep sand, however the terrain in Morocco may not involve that much sand and at £265 a pair these might not make it into the shopping basket.
  43. Find secure fixing for T-Max air compressor and route pipes to each door   Hard wire and pipe but leaving compressor so that it can be easily detached.
  44. Better sweets – we got sick of mintsLaughing
  45. Half shaft – The only thing I have ever broken so I think it would be worthwhile carrying one in the spares box
  46. Circlip pliers
  47. Half shaft extraction tool – X-Shaft ( £29.99
  48. Spare tyre valves
  49. Citronella candles – very good for keeping the flies away.
  50. Secure the digital guages better
  51. Replace the inverter which made a horrible noise when it was running.
  52. Look for 12V charging solutions for the camera batteries rather than using the inverter.
  53. New mattress for rooftent (finally arrived and fitted)
  54. Replace fuel filter housing (Vent plug thread stripped) (replacement aquired fom ebay waiting to fit)

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