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Rear door table

Written by ralph on 06/08/2009. Posted in Vehicle modifications

For our trip to Morocco I decided that we needed an organised kitchen.  After much ‘googling’ and keeping my eyes open for ideas at Billing and Peterborough, I decided to make a drop down shelf for the rear door.

reardoor1I bought a purpose made chequer plate trim for the door (£30) and bought some pre-cut sheets of 2mm chequer to make the shelf.  In addition to the drop down shelf I also cut a piece which I riveted to the top of the rear bumper (getting rid of the plastic trim) giving another quite wide shelf (and seatSmile).

The hinges were bought from B&Q and the supports were cut from some old ratchet straps I had.  The most difficult part was ensuring that the protruding bolt heads on the back of the chequer plate didn’t foul the door panel strengtheners.

reardoor2The panel was un-drilled so I used the old trim panel to try and mark out the holes.  This was fairly successful but I was out a bit on a few of the holes.  I used M8 rivnuts on the door and some old seat securing set screws to fix it.

Along the top edge of the trim I secured a magnetic knife holder from Ikea.

The shelf is 1 metre wide and just wide enough for a washing up bowl and a two buner cooker.

Due to the problems encountered on our trip, we only got to use it a few times but it worked very well when we did.



This was us just north of Marrakech as we rushed south to attempt meet up with the others on our tour.

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