Remote Keyfob (PLIP) Repair

Written by ralph on 11/06/2013. Posted in Repairs and ongoing maintenance

The geniune parts key fobs that came with the car have suffered over their 19 years lifespan.  Where they were fitted to the keyring the plastic had worn through so much that it was impossible to to fit them on a ring.  I had a cunning plan to fix this.

fixed keyfobThe casing is in 2 halves and on one part there are 2 small recesses either side of the keyring ‘hole’.

What I did was cut a paperclip to length and bent each end into a small loop.  These ‘loops’ were then slotted in the recesses and I filled the remaining hole with superglue and left it overnight.  The superglue then set hard and held the new ‘bridge piece’ in place.

fixed keyfob 2You can see a close up, on the right, of the final result with the cover off and on the left you can see the completed fix.

It’s not particularly pretty but it is functional.

Unfortunatly once I had done this I found that one of the fobs no longer worked and so I decided to buy 2 new aftermarket ones (details here) however I decided to still publish this as it could be a help to someone else. 


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