Replace fuel gauge sender unit

Written by ralph on 18/09/2010. Posted in Repairs and ongoing maintenance

Apparently this is a common problem with early discos.  For me the unit had lasted almost 10 years, so i don’t think I have room to complain.

This is a straightforward, 30 minute job if, and this is the problem, you can access the boot floor.  Unfortunately, in my case, the storage system covers this.

After a major amount of work I managed to modify the storage unit to allow access.  There is an inspection/access panel held down by 6 screws.  These may be very tight and could need grinding off.  However, when they are removed the panel can be lifted to give access to the sender unit.

old connection

Once the panel is removed you can see the 3 connections to the sender.  On the normal tank it is held down by a threaded lock ring, on the safari-equip tank there is a bolted retaining ring.

The 2 pipes are the fuel suction and return. You should mark one of these to ensure that they go back on the same connections.  You will need 2 14mm spannerss for these.

The electrical connection is a simple multiplug.  Disconnect these and lift out the unit


This shows the new sender unit.  When you order this remember to order 2 nuts and compression olives as well.  These are 8mm.

sender 1

The unit must be inserted at an angle.

sender 2

Then it can be dropped straight in making sure it is correctly aligned.

sender 3

Fit the olives and nuts and reconnect the fuel lines……

sender 5

….and the multiplug.

Replace the access panel and away you go.

One advantage of this design is the fact that you can do this job whilst there is still fuel in the tank, although you need to be careful to ensure that no dirt falls in.

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