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Written by ralph on 11/06/2013. Posted in Kit and Equipment

As you will see here I tried to fix my existing remote keyfobs. Unfortunatly, once I had fixed them, I discovered that one of them didn’t work.  The basic problem with the discovery locking system is that if you lock the car using the remote, you can’t unlock it with the key without setting off the alarm.

As such I didn’t want to go away with just one remote.  If it broke, or I lost it, we would be scuppered.

Admittedly we had managed for several years without the remotes keys.  Throughout our Tunisia trip we just used the normal key and Belinda carried a spare.

But as the car had the facility I was quite keen to fix them.  I did some searching and Genuine Parts Orginals are no longer available but Remote Key Ltd. produced replacement fobs which could be programmed to operate just like the originals.

I decided to order 2 and they arrived within a couple of days.  

They are programmed using a simple, if fiddly, method:

New keyfobIdeally, you need two people for this. One in the drivers seat with keys in the ignition and one at the front of the car to work the bonnet switch.
Start with the ignition off and bonnet open with the bonnet switch pressed down.
Then you have to complete the following sequence within eight seconds:
1. Ignition on – ignition off.
2. Lock doors – unlock doors using the driver’s door button.
3. Release bonnet switch.
4. Ignition on – ignition off.
Then, if alarm is set the horn will sound and the LED light on dash (in the middle of the dash under the radio compartment) will light.
Now, the programming of the fob or fobs can begin.
Press and hold down the button on the fob until the red LED, on the dashboard, flashes fast.
Then repeat for the second fob.
The dash LED will go out if both fobs have been programmed successfully and they will work as normal.

This is the same procedure for original or aftermarket fobs.  The new fobs are lighter and thinner than the originals and now give us back this useful facility.

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