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Written by ralph on 21/11/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

Well, dear readers, we left you hanging!  Wondering what our decision would be.  In the end the ‘head’ won the argument and we are now the proud (and very happy) owners of a 2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrack named Arbie 🙂 


As we said previously we had tried a 2.2 Defender and, two weeks ago, we took test drives in the Ranger, a Hilux and an Izusu D-Max.  The Ranger won hands down.  The Isuzu came a reasonable second, the Defender third.  The Hilux was a big disappointment and we almost didn’t even drive it out of the dealer to try it.  We disliked it that much!

I shall write down our reasonings in more detail later because this post is all about gushing over our new toy 🙂

Naturally it had to be orange and we asked the dealer to add front parking sensors and fit BFG A/T KO2 tyres all round.  I increased the profile slightly from 265/6o to 265/65 as this has virtually no effect on speedo accuracy and gearing but does give just a little more rubber between the wheels and the road.  It also give the car a lot more ‘presence’.

It was an ex-demonstrator with just 8000 miles on the clock and this saved us a few thousand pounds off the price of a brand new one.

We picked the car up this morning and have covered around 120 miles.  Naturally this included a short run along a local green lane, just to get the wheels muddy.

I must confess that we have both been gushing about the car as we drove along.  The smoothness, quietness and nice touches like rechargeable ignition keys, illuminated door pockets and voice activated ipod controls all helped to make us feel secure in our decision.

I shall add more details of our plans, for both Matilda and Arbie, over the next few weeks and provide regular updates on what its like to try and convert a more modern vehicle for overlanding.

In the meantime here’s another gratuitous shot of our new baby.




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