Shopping trip

Written by Ivan on 28/02/2011. Posted in Trips and journeys

“Her Indoors” decided that it was time for a new kitchen so, after much planning on the Ikea web site we set off for the nearest Ikea store to buy all the units.

I know, you are asking why I’m bothering to put a shopping trip on here??  Well here are the statistics:

  1. Days involved                 3
  2. Night in hotel                 2
  3. Hours driven                  23
  4. Distance covered           1,267 kms.
  5. Average daily temp.       -17 celsius
  6. Lowest temp.                  -27 celsius
  7. Total cost                         You don’t want to know!!

The nearest Ikea store to us is in Edmonton Alberta which is on the eastern side of the Rockies, we are on the west.  Shopping in Canada in the winter is not for the faint heartedWink


Jasper National Park, Highway 16 “The Yellowhead” at -24 celsius!!


Another view of the Rockies from Highway 16.

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