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Friday, 04 December 2009

Days to go : 302

I hope to keep this blog going to keep you informed of the progress of the preparation for our upcoming Sahara trip and provide links to the general running, modifications and other articles added to the site.

Elsewhere I have outlined the modifications already in place on the disco.  3 days ago I acquired a Howling Moon 1.4m Tourer Rooftent off ebay. For this to fit I have to modify the roof rack.

I have already removed the waffles boards and holders off the sides and today I removed the mesh ‘flooring’ in readiness for cutting the sides down (more later)

The deposit has now been paid to Atlas Overland so we now feel that the trip is a bit more of a certainty.

I am driving around using the small (22l) auxiliary fuel tank at the moment as I am trying to keep the main tank empty.  Next week I am expecting a 115 litre replacement main tank which I will fit with a 35 litre wing tank from Safari equip.   I hadn’t intended to replace the main tank but, after a mix up by the company I was offered a really good price and decided to go for it.

I will provide details of the roofrack mods and tent fitting as well as how I got on with the tanks in later articles.

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