Starting a new countdown – 65 days to go

Written by ralph on 19/07/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

Yes we can now confirm our next trip, and this will be a biggy!

On the 23rd September we shall set of to visit a new continent.  We are joining One Life Adventure on a 3 weeks circumnavigation of the Aegean Sea.  Travelling through Europe we shall catch the ferry from Ancona to Igoumenista, in Greece.  From there we shall drive into Turkey and to Istanbul.

Crossing the Bosphorus  will take us to Matilda’s 3rd continent, Asia.

Once we’ve completed our trip around the Aegean we shall return to Italy and then drive around the Alps on our way home (as you do!).  En route we shall visit Ljubljana, Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna and Prague.

I shall add more details later but, in the meantime, I have a car to get ready!

So, how did I get on today, you ask?

IMG_1875 Step one was to fix down the lid over the water tank.

Then I lined the storage area with carpet, tidied up the wiring and fitted the brackets for the dzus fasteners.

IMG_1876 This meant I could fix down the remaining lids finally completing the load area.
IMG_1880 Next came the upper shelf.Firstly I fitted angle to either side of the walls.

This was deliberately left short.

IMG_1877 This was because the shelf was to be in two pieces and hinged in the middle.

For the shelf I used 18mm plywood for maximum strength without having to resort to the aluminium box section I used before.

It may be slightly heavier but it was thinner, thus giving me a clear view out the rear window.

IMG_1883 The shelf was cut, hinges added and then fully carpeted.
IMG_1885 Once in place the hinged part was held up by two sliding gate bolts.
IMG_1889 The original shelf protruded well into the front and made the area feel very ‘closed in’.

We wanted to avoid this and so this shelf stopped level with the speaker ‘walls’.

I intend to ‘box’ this end in so that I can mount some net pockets and other items.


IMG_1884 Because we wanted the same length it meant that the shelf had to come much closer to the rear door.

This severely restricted the access to allow us to put the chairs and awnings up there.

IMG_1890 Hence the hinged area.

This can be dropped to allow us to load up the shelf and then locked back into place to hold everything up.

That’s as far as I got today.  Hopefully I shall grab a few hours in the evening and get the front ‘mini wall’ made and fitted.

That will be the last bit of ‘construction’ and then I just have a few electrical bits to fix in the front.  After this we can actually start packing and loading her up  🙂

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